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Cosmopolitan Magazine - Our work with Scottish Widows has extended to include an article on 'Money Personalities' for Cosmopolitan Magazine. The February Issue featured a guide to your persaonal money 'type' based on Pat's Enneagram profiling model. The three types allow readers to identify with financial traits in themselves and then get some advice from Scottish Widows' expert on how best to make the most of their money based on this. 

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your future

This exciting 1-day workshop you will help you connect to your potential by:
∞ Discovering your self and what’s really important to you
∞ Creating a compelling personal vision
∞ Understanding why you do what you do through your Ennearoutes personality profile
∞ Identifying your growth path to achieving your greatest potentialThis exciting 1-day Workshop will unlock the secrets and help you to:

Imagine what it would be like if you had a compelling vision of what you wanted to achieve in your life and the kind of relationships that would enable you to attain it. What if you knew how you were going to achieve all of this—maybe in less time than you imagined?

‘...enjoyable and fascinating… I took away an immense amount of new ideas that I’m successfully applying in my life’

Date: March 15th
Venue: St John’sLink, Church Road, Windlesham, Surrey, GU20 6BL

Sue Gourlay and Pat Knightley are Master Practitioners of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - sometimes described as ‘the art of communications and the science of excellence’.

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Scottish Widows - Our reputation for expert psychometric testing and Enneagram profiling has been recognised by the financial giants Scottish Widows. We have been providing an advisory profile report for individuals to evaluate their approach to financial risk and this has also featured in an article in Good Housekeeping Magazine.

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Coronavirus: The government draws up plan to rescue key firms
The government could aid strategically important firms affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Grenfell fears prevent timber building boom
Plans to reduce the height of wood-based properties contradicts advice to increase construction.

Could you have to pay your bank to save money?
As countries take extreme measures keep the economy afloat, could we see negative interest rates?

Fresh UK review into Huawei role in 5G networks
The National Cyber Security Centre involvement follows new US sanctions on Chinese telecoms giant.

UK must agree 'air bridges', warn business groups
Industries say the UK will be left behind, unless it relaxes quarantine rules with low-risk nations.

Coronavirus: Jaguar Land Rover in talks over government loan
The carmaker is reportedly seeking more than £1bn in taxpayer support as the pandemic hits sales.

Has the virus prompted an early mid-life crisis for some?
'I've gone from a large office in Soho to painting in my bedroom,' says Cece Philips who quit her job to become an artist.

Coronavirus: The shops refusing to pay their rent
As the next quarter's rent falls due, who should pay it while businesses are closed?

Coronavirus: Leading economist warns of 10 years of depression and debt
Economist Nouriel Roubini - "Dr Doom" - has warned of a prolonged downturn and sluggish recovery.

Hertz: Car rental firm files for US bankruptcy protection
The company said the coronavirus pandemic had led to an "abrupt" decline in bookings.

Specialist Leisure Group collapses into administration
More than 64,000 bookings have been cancelled due to the collapse of Specialist Leisure Group.

UK borrowing at record high as virus cost soars in April
The government borrowed £62bn in April - the highest monthly figure since records began.

Coronavirus: Ikea to begin reopening stores
But the furniture giant will limit family groups to one adult and one child per household.

Get ready for the 'holy grail' of computer graphics
Ray tracing produces stunning lighting effects but has been too complex for computers, until now.

African solutions to the coronavirus crisis
African firms tell the BBC how they are solving problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Theo Paphitis: ‘Retail will never, ever be the same again’
Entrepreneur and ex-Dragons' Den star Theo Paphitis talks to the BBC about how coronavirus has hit retail.

Coronavirus: Universities fear fall in lucrative overseas students
Education is one of the sectors of the global economy that is being hardest hit by the pandemic.

Oil collapse: 'Right now everything I have is shut down'
After years of boom, is the US oil industry now going bust?

Seven charts on the coronavirus jobs market
How the coronavirus pandemic is hitting the UK jobs market and how that compares globally.

How Heck plans to weather hard times after lockdown ends
How the sausage-maker Heck plans to weather hard times after the lockdown ends.

Coronavirus lockdown: The Indian migrants dying to get home
Many poor Indians, fleeing hunger in locked down cities, have died of exhaustion or in accidents.

Dark web scammers exploit Covid-19 fear and doubt
From miracle cures to co-ordinated hacking the dark web is a hive of coronavirus scamming.


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