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arrow_orange.gifKnowing Yourself & Others

Each time Ennearoutes has been taught using the Enneagram – whether that is inside business or for personal development – it creates a ‘knowing’ that promotes productive and successful working relationships. This ‘knowing’ enables a greater insight into our own and other’s unique way of being in the world and helps fulfil the basic human desire to be understood and appreciated.

The Enneagram describes nine different ways in which we relate to others, and ourselves, in our personal and working lives. It describes nine different worldviews, showing that each style has its own distinctive way of thinking, acting and being.

As well as clarifying the strengths and limitations of our own worldview, the Enneagram can help to reveal what lies behind the behaviour of your colleagues and personal contacts. With this greater understanding comes the ability to build better relationships and communicate in a way that others will understand and relate to.

View all the types on the Home Page or take the free self-test to find out more about which type you most favour.


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