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The Nine Enneagram Types

arrow_orange.gifFree Personality Self Test

This self-assessment test describes nine different personality types. None are better or worse than any of the others, but they do see the world differently.

The following – labelled A through to I – are simple descriptions of the nine types. They are not intended to be a comprehensive portrait of an individual’s personality.

As each description may describe you to some degree, please select those that seem most applicable.

Don’t analyse, just go with the flow and trust your intuition.
In making your selection, consider each description as a whole rather than taking individual sentences out of context, and then ask yourself – ‘Does this description as a whole fit me better than any of the others?’

If you find it difficult to choose between two or more of these ‘snapshot’ paragraphs, think about how someone close to you would describe you. Also, because personality patterns are usually most prominent in your adult life, you may want to ask yourself which one of these descriptions would have best fit you in your twenties. And if you are in your twenties, then what best fits you now.

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