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The Nine Enneagram Types
The Ennearoutes Enneagram Self-test - choose your type


I like to create balance and harmony in my life so I prefer not to show my anger directly to others. I like it best when people get along with each other and prefer to avoid conflict if at all possible. Rather I like to be surrounded by peace, harmony and comfort, and like others to be accepting of me as I can be of them. I easily see all points of views and am very adaptable and flexible to the needs of others. I usually resist change when it happens too fast, which sometimes make me appear indecisive while I weigh up the options. I naturally see the advantages and disadvantages of any given situation, and like to give them my full consideration before taking action. I like it best when people get along with each other. I can be an excellent mediator and chairperson, and like to be viewed as the peacemaker.

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I am good at thinking ahead, planning positive outcomes and creating new visions and ideas. I have a talent for seeing lots of possibilities in any given situation, and bring disparate ideas and thoughts together. I like to work on things that interest me and I have a lot of energy to devote to them. I enjoy being at the planning stage of a project or task and have a tendency to lose interest or get bored once things become a routine, repetitive activity. When I have exhausted my interest in something, it is hard for me to stay with it because I like to move on to the next thing that has captured my interest. I am good at consulting, motivating and talking with people. I get frustrated if others don’t share my enthusiasm or are negative thinkers.

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I consider myself to be a strong and capable person. I usually have definite views about things and I am willing to say what I think, even if that means creating conflict. I approach things in an all or nothing way, especially when it is really important to me. I like others to be direct with me and not avoid issues or concerns. I instinctively feel I know when someone is being devious, lying or just trying to manipulate me. I often take a leadership role and will usually take charge if no one else does. I trust my instincts and want ideas to lead to immediate action. I tend not too spend too much time on endless talk about concepts and theories. I can be very generous and protective towards people I respect or care about.

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I am a supportive, effective communicator who engages people with a positive image and friendly attitude. I am sensitive to other people’s feelings and intuitively know what they need, even if I don’t know them well. Sometimes it is frustrating to be so aware of other people’s needs, especially if I am unable to do anything to help them. I take pride in being able to get along with everyone, but I sometimes wish I were better at saying ‘No’. I often put more energy into caring for others than I do for myself, and like to be seen as a warm-hearted and good person. If I feel I am being discounted or unappreciated, I can become emotional and demanding. Good relationships are very important to me and I am willing to work hard to create and sustain them.

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I have very high internal standards for doing things properly and correctly. I expect myself to live up to the high standards I set myself, and this can sometimes make me very self-critical and to be at times judging of others. It is very important for me to maintain integrity and honesty in all I do. I dislike change just for the sake of it, and I can get very frustrated and resentful if other people cut corners or do things wrong or with out care. I am fair-minded and take responsibility for all that I do. If I say I will do something then I will, and am disappointed when others don’t. I dislike it when people don’t even try to do things properly, or who act irresponsibly or unfairly. I have a strong sense of order, and like it best when things are well-organised and clear rules and structures.

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I am very task-orientated and usually focus on how I can best achieve my goals or tasks. Being the best at what I do is a high motivator for me, and I identify strongly with what I do. I like recognition for my hard work and accomplishments. I am good a presenting a winning image and dislike failure, setbacks or poor results. I will take immediate action when needed, sometimes without doing the detail as well as I could. I am good at relying on my ability to ‘think on my feet’ and am impatient if others slow things down or get in the way of doing the job. I am willing to change the rules and procedures in the interest of efficiency. I like to feel and appear to be ‘on top’ of any given situation. I am stimulated by a fast-paced, competitive environment, and a good team player that enjoys networking.

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I consider myself to be an astute, loyal and imaginative person, especially when it comes to what might be threatening to my safety or security. I can usually spot what might be dangerous or harmful, and can experience as much fear as if it were really happening. I will either avoid dangers or challenge them. I like to take time to think things through before taking action, and I am good at anticipating problems and developing solutions. It is important for me to know where I stand with people or in any given situation. Any uncertainty or ambiguity can make be anxious and make me push for clarity, sometimes with endless questioning. I tend to identify with underdog causes and am very loyal once I am committed to a person or cause.

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It is very important to maintain my individuality and to create a unique and innovative image and way of life. I always know what I am feeling and seek to understand things deeply and emotionally. I tend to see what is ‘missing’ in my life and work, rather than take satisfaction in what I currently have, and am often dissatisfied with the mundane and ordinary. I like to have a sense of belonging to people and things, and being authentic is very important to me. I look for ways in which I can best express my creativity. I always search for emotional connection and its absence can sadden me. I like to develop deep and connecting relationships. I have a refined sense of the aesthetic and like to experience a rich world of emotions and meaning.

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I consider myself an excellent strategist and theoretician, and strive to be an expert in my chosen field. I like to study and accumulate information and am usually very perceptive about ideas and concepts, even though this may not translate into knowing how best to relate them to people. I enjoy my privacy, and need to take time alone to recharge my batteries and deal with my emotions. I can often find people quite draining, although when I have time to prepare I can be an excellent teacher and communicator. I am a good observer and prefer to stay on the edge of a group to get the objective view. I am quite content in being alone for long periods of time. I like to be independent of anything or anyone.

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