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The Nine Enneagram Types
 arrow_orange.gifEnnearoutes - The Beginning of the New 

Ennearoutes is based around a powerful personality-enabling tool called the Enneagram which describes nine different ways in which we relate in our personal and business lives. Ennearoutes is underpinned by the fundamental belief that each viewpoint is determined by certain mental and emotional concerns. The Enneagram helps us to focus on the basic personality’s motivation that inevitably drives an individual’s behaviour as they respond to three basic, instinctual responses:

• Self-preservation – the need for personal survival such as security, safety, comfort, protection and adequate basic resources.

• Social relationships – the need to be accepted into the community and group such as role, status, social acceptance, belonging, participation and fellowship

• One to One relationships – the need to relate to intimate relationships such as bonding with special others, sexual intimacy, attractiveness, closeness, union and merging.

Whilst people may change in many ways throughout their lives, their basic personality – or ego – remains constant. The Enneagram has the ability to show us that we are in fact all of the 9 types within it - based around the three human physical centers of Body, Heart, Mind - and allows us to identify the one most dominant in our lives and how it helps or hinders achieving our life purpose.

Find out what your personal type is. Take the free Ennearoutes personality test now.


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