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The Nine Enneagram Types

  arrow_orange.gifType 8 - The Protector

Enneagram Type 8
If this is your dominant type - remembering that no type is better or worse, just different - you tend to be motivated by the need to be self-reliant and strong. You are fearless in grappling with problems and have the ability to motivate others to your vision. Truth and justice are extremely important to you and you will defend the underdog without reserve, if you so chose to do so.

You can be confrontational and direct and be both uncompromising leaders and protective guardians. You have high energy with directness. If you are stressed, you can become detached and unemotional, defeatist and withdrawn. Your aggression can turn inwards and you can ignore your impact on others. If you are content or feel secure, you can be magnanimous and able to energise others. You are able to show your own vulnerability and gentle side to others. You will think and feel before going to action.

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