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The Nine Enneagram Types

 arrow_orange.gifType 7 - The Adventurer

Enneagram Type 7
If this is your dominant type - remembering that no type is better or worse, just different- you tend to be motivated by the need to be happy and free, always looking to avoid unpleasant experiences wherever possible. You are usually highly active with many interests and distractions, and always ready to see the bright side of life. You seek to create a positive environment for yourself and others. You are a solution and synergistic thinker, preferring variety and possibilities above the ordinary. You dislike feeling limited in action or choice. You can be playful and funny with an idealistic and sometime opinionated view of life. If you are stressed, you can become cynical and hypercritical, trying to change others. You can be judgmental and blaming and be often obsessed with an idea or project. If you are content and feel secure, you are usually highly focused on one thing or subject and you are able to face your fear of being limited in action or choice. You are able to slow down and gain balance and contemplation.

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