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The Nine Enneagram Types

arrow_orange.gifType 5 - The Investigator

Enneagram Type 5
If this is your dominant type - remembering that no type is better or worse, just different - you tend to be motivated by the need to be self-sufficient, highly knowledgeable and able to have a deep understanding of all elements of a particular interest. You are logical and insightful, with good reasoning powers that are not distracted by emotion. You have the ability to put things into mental compartments, so separating your reactions from any event or interactions. You are usually a good facilitator with high powers of observation and the ability to deliver an objective and detached view on things. You can be private and perceived as being authoritative on a given specialism. When you are over-stressed, you can become extremely distracted and retreat into gaining knowledge and avoiding action, with your desires, needs and wants sometimes leading to dependency. When you are content and feel secure, you are thoughtful and calm in a crisis and a good keeper of confidences. You can be tough-minded, direct and dependable.

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