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The Nine Enneagram Types

 arrow_orange.gifType 4 - The Individualist

Enneagram Type 4

If this is your dominant type - remembering that no type is better or worse, just different - you tend to be motivated by the need to be unique and genuine, with the ability to express your feelings in a creative way; to be both serious and humorous. You are usually highly intuitive of your own and other’s feelings and you see yourself as being different and special. You can be a non-conformist and it is important that you to have variety and intensity in relationships and interactions. You are able to attribute ‘meaning’ into mundane and ordinary things. You like to be seen as an individualist. When you are stressed, you usually withdraw into an emotional hole and become very self-critical and judging of yourself and others. When you are content and feel secure, you show a more highly creative side, and are more attuned to your own and other’s feelings. You are more empathetic, passionate and authentic.

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