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Pat Knightley
07860 333197

Enneagram - The Power of Understanding

The 9 Enneagram TypesEnnearoutes is a versatile business based around a powerful personality-enabling tool called the Enneagram which describes nine different ways in which we relate in our personal and business lives. It describes nine different worldviews, showing that each style has its own distinctive way of thinking, acting and being and underpinned by the fundamental belief that each viewpoint is determined by certain mental and emotional concerns.

Free Enneagram Test

To gain a better understanding of your personality type you can either:

  1. Click on the graphics below to gain a better understanding of each Enneagram type
  2. Take a simple free self-test
  3. Contact Ennearoutes directly to arrange for a direct consultation and to receive a personalised report

How the Enneagram works

Ennearoutes is a training and development organisation who are specialists in a unique personality model called 'the Enneagram' offering a series of workshops, seminars and coaching to business and individuals looking for increased team dynamics and personal development.

To learn more about how Ennearoutes can help you gain a greater understanding of how your own and other people's behaviour patterns and motivational aspirations have a direct impact on the results you achieve.

For more information, contact Pat Knightley on 07860 333197 to:

• Gain a better insight into why you do what you do and how it helps and hinders you

• Have a greater appreciation of the ‘dance between people’, and how best to create greater harmony in your work and social relationships

• Gain a host of ideas, tools and practical strategies that will help you get what you want in your life

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