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Pat Knightley
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arrow_orange.gifEnnearoutes and Enneagram Profiling

Pat Knightley is a Master Practitioner of NeuroLinquistic Programming (NLP) and doubly accredited teacher of the Enneagram with the Trifold School of Enneagram Studies, and The Enneagram Institute. Pat is the founder and director of Ennearoutes, based around a powerful personality tool, the Enneagram. She has worked in the Corporate and Business world for many years, and has run workshops, seminars and personal coaching for over 10 years.

To learn more about the Enneagram and how it can help us you gain a greater understanding of how your own and others behaviour patterns and motivational aspirations, contact Pat on for further information on her Ennearoutes Business and Personal Development programme that is designed to help you:

• Gain a better insight into why you do what you do

• Have a greater appreciation of the ‘dance between people’, and how best to create greater harmony in your work and social relationships

• Gain a host of ideas, tools and practical strategies for you to apply to help you better understand yourself and the people in your life, and be even more successful that you already are.

arrow_orange.gifEXECUTIVE COACHING
Pat uses the insight gained from Enneagram profiling and other assessment techniques to deliver powerful Coaching and Development Programmes for Senior and 'High-Flier' executives in all types of organisations.

arrow_orange.gifTEAM BUILDING
Ennearoutes offers a series of workshops, seminars and coaching to businesses and managers looking for increased team dynamics and performance.

Supported by the power of Enneagram Profiling, devlopment plans focussing on the skills of effective leadership and building effective teams can be tailored for individual managers and team leaders.

Ennearoutes often address wider business development briefs; starting with the people but expanding to cover areas such as organisation, marketing and communications, systems and processes and strategy and planning.  

arrow_orange.gifCASE STUDIES
Ennearoutes have helped businesses of all sizes to improve performance at the Corporate, team and individual level.  

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